southern highlands birthday trip

It's been three weeks since our trip to the Southern Highlands and all I can think about is when it won’t be considered 'too soon' to go back

Luke and I first went down south about a year ago when we were super fresh and wanted to do a mini stay to see if we could handle 72 solid hours of each other. Turns out we could so here we are again celebrating a very COVID-friendly 27th birthday, by eating at every establishment possible

Our first stop this time was Bowral. I love Bowral so much, I swear there’s something in the air down there that makes me so content and happy, maybe it's the homewares stores, wineries and constant eating? I don’t know, whatever it is, you have my heart and I will make it my mission to visit you annually

This time we stayed at the gorgeously quaint Potting Shed at Bunya House Bowral. The Potting Shed is perfect in every way, overlooking a beautiful vegetable garden designed by Paul Bangay, it's a short 10 minute stroll to the centre of town and has every amenity you could possibly require for a short stay (and that’s coming from someone who packs an iron in their suitcase)

It's design is thoughtful, only housing pieces that are either useful to your stay or just plain beautiful. And, if you’re a bath lover like I, you'll be happy to know this one ticks all the boxes, even Luke got in. And he's not your typical 'take a bath' kind of guy

I can’t rate the Potting Shed more highly

We ate at our beloved Harry's on Green Lane and strolled through the aisles of Dirty Janes where copper pots are ubiquitous

Where to stay and what to do in Bowral/Berrima


The Potting Shed at Bunya House - Bowral


The Press Shop - Bowral, for a pulled lamb roll and an iced coffee

The Magpie Cafe - Berrima, for eggs bene and luscious cakes


Few and Far - homewares store in both Bowral and Berry

Cookshop Plus - incredible range of Le Creuset and anything kitchen related - Bowral

Country Accent - Bowral

Dirty Janes - Antiques, Bowral

The Little Hand Stirred Jam Shop - Berrima

Mrs Oldbucks Pantry - Berrima


Harry's on Green Lane - french style cafe setting, Bowral

Bendooley Estate - lunch in the book barn by the open fire, Berrima

Bowral Brasserie - we were very inebriated here but my drunk self still knows good food and this was good, Bowral

Berida Hotel - cosy, warm atmosphere, Bowral

After two nights in Bowral it was off to Berry, but before we could reach our next destination we, of course, had to make a pit stop for Luke. And by pit stop, I mean 18 holes of golf at Kangaroo Valley Golf & Country Resort

Now I know I act like I’m not into golf on the regular, but let's be honest, I don’t mind being chauffeured around in a cart watching my scratch golfer BF hit balls into the oblivion whilst I take in the fresh country air and serenity of Kangaroo Valley. It ain't all that bad. Whether you play the great game or not, Kangaroo Valley Golf Course is a magical place

The drive from Kangaroo Valley into Berry was beyond beautiful, like something out of a movie. Once we arrived in Berry all of my dreams (and Lukes nightmares) were realised at once. Homewares store after homewares store, and we’re talking good ones

Lukes relief came in the form of a large donut-producing van, the famous Berry Donut Van of course! 5 hot cinny dough balls kept him going for a further 3 homewares stores! We were all winners that day

Everything about Berry is cute, the shops, the homes, the bakeries, even its name is bloody cute!

On arrival at our accommodation, we were greeted by the most lovely host, Ali, whose home is part of an original 1920s homestead occupied by the same family for four generations. She had freshly baked Anzac bikkies waiting for us along with local chocolate from Berry Chocolatier. We love hosts like Ali

The Berry farmers markets happened to be on when we were in town, so naturally, we bought our 8th bottle of hot sauce here (and our favourite) Kielty's. We opted for the Habenero & Smoked Apricot and the Chipotle BBQ

We had Indian that night from Indika and came home to an amazing bottle of red, Netflix and the mutual feeling of not wanting to leave

As a thank you for putting up with his golfing addiction Luke bought me an incredible palm print from Few and Far Home at the very end of our trip

I think i'll let him think I’m not into golf a little while longer

Where to stay and what to do in Berry


Berry Accommodation


Milkwood Bakery - there's usually a line but well worth the wait

The Garden Berry - these guys do 63 degree jammy eggs!

Berry Donut Van - non negotiable, if you don't go you technically didn't go to Berry

Shops - the entire Main Street

Berry Tea Shop

Few and Far Home

love + safe travels

wyn x